Investment management divisions

We manage $52 billion in assets* and a wide range of investment mandates through our distinct investment management divisions – GWL Investment Management, London Capital Management, Laketon Investment Management, Portico Investment Management and Portfolio Solutions Group.

Each division pursues its own unique investment style, process and philosophy, offering strong performance with disciplined risk management. Clients benefit from the combined resources and expertise of all divisions of GLC.

GWL Investment Management

GWLIM is a top-down, growth oriented, all-cap manager. In combination with comprehensive analysis of broad economic trends, the GWLIM investment team blends top-down views with stock-level fundamental and technical analysis to seek out attractive growth investments.

London Capital Management

London Capital Management is a bottom-up, growth-at-a-reasonable-price, large-cap manager. Capitalizing on the risk/reward relationship between price and earnings growth, London Capital's investment team uses a bottom-up investment process combining fundamental and quantitative analysis at both the stock and portfolio level to build well diversified, large-cap portfolios.

Laketon Investment Management

Laketon Investment Management is a bottom-up, large-cap, growth manager. With an emphasis on concentrated equity portfolios, Laketon's investment team seeks out high-quality companies with strong growth prospects by applying a bottom-up investment approach that includes both quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Portico Investment Management

Portico Investment Management specializes in fixed income portfolio management. Portico's investment team uses a consistent, measured and disciplined investment approach that integrates fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis to add value while managing risk.

Portfolio Solutions Group

Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG) strategically constructs diversified fund-of fund portfolios managed to deliver strong, long-term risk-adjusted returns. Actively managed portfolios incorporate forward-looking views and are customized for unique investor concerns within a given target risk range. This tailored approach goes beyond determining a risk-adjusted equity/fixed income mix, and gets to the root of what investors need to help them comfortably achieve their long-term investment goals. The end result is a diversified portfolio that’s true to investors’ expectations.

*As at June 30, 2017