London Capital's investment style and process

London Capital's distinct growth-at-a-reasonable-price investment style capitalizes on the risk and reward relationship between price and earnings growth. We look for companies whose earnings are growing faster than the market and buy them when they're at an attractive price. We add value and deliver results by knowing how to recognize and capitalize on key drivers of stock performance.

Investment process

We execute a plan in a highly skilled manner, with a distinct goal and purpose in mind. London Capital's investment process uniquely blends quantitative and fundamental analysis for each of London Capital's investment mandates.

Quantitative screening and analysis

Our equity investment process starts by screening a universe of stocks to identify and pursue the best companies with the greatest opportunity for stock price appreciation. Our process is built on an underpinning of objective, proprietary quantitative research.

We are discerning and uncompromising with the key attributes we want to see in a company:

  • We want companies with a history of strong or improving earnings growth.
  • We avoid companies that the markets have already priced out of range for future stock price appreciation.
  • We use sophisticated research tools and quality data so that even before our fundamental research begins, we identify the group of companies most likely to deliver results.

Fundamental research

  • We analyze each company beyond its raw numbers, beyond the latest report or market buzz. The finer details within our research are crucial to finding the best companies to buy. Detailed analysis goes into assessing each company its management, its distinct competitive advantages and the factors affecting its industry.
  • The fundamental research we do is as much about which companies don't make the cut as those that do. Our team of analysts deliberately seeks to uncover companies that stand out from their peers.
  • Experience and expertise allow us to deliver portfolios where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Portfolio managers build on research, data and insight of our team of analysts. We seek an advantageous combination of companies and industries so each portfolio is crafted with the conscious aim of delivering strong results.