GWLIM's investment style and process

GWLIM is a top-down, growth-oriented, all-cap manager. In combination with comprehensive analysis of broad economic trends, the GWLIM investment team blends top-down views with stock-level fundamental and technical analysis to seek out attractive growth investments.

Here's how we do it:

Top-down analysis: drives our asset allocation and sector weight positioning.

  • We evaluate macro-economic factors, both current and long-term, to identify the sectors and sub-sectors of the market with the greatest risk/reward opportunity.
  • We factor in current economic and market considerations to highlight positive trending sectors and stocks, and to assess the risk/reward trade-off within each sector, and within the portfolio as a whole.

Fundamental stock analysis: drives our stock selection and weights.

A company’s fundamentals are crucial to the portfolio manager’s conviction in the stock. Specifically, we want to see:

  • Strong earnings driven by revenue growth
  • Superior management quality, experience, key personnel retention, etc.
  • Competitive advantage in products and/or services
  • Improving relative strength (i.e. breaking out of the pack)
  • Attractive valuation in relation to future earnings opportunity
  • Flexibility of companies to adapt to changing economic conditions

Portfolio construction: brings all the analysis together to ensure appropriate levels of diversification to mitigate risk within the portfolio.